Dina Soto

Dina Soto

Content expert at BLLS-Lighting Content editor, Copywriter

I’m Dina Soto. The passion for words has burned within me for as long as I can remember. I love writing and sharing; to me, conveying information through words is a burning passion that must be realized.

Key Strengths:

Sharing is my greatest self-identified strength. I enjoy assisting others, sharing the knowledge I possess, whether it’s valuable information I know or simple things I stumble upon.

I have a good understanding of content marketing, and I possess the ability to independently research and write blogs for a wide range of fields.


After four years of dedicated university study immersed in pages of books, I ventured into the world with aspirations like many of my peers. Applying to various places I aspired to work, my first job involved creating content for a travel company. Subsequently, working as a freelance contributor diversified my writing topics. Now, I find myself in the role I’ve longed for, as a Content Specialist for the BLLS-Lighting’s projects. I hope that my knowledge and experiences can provide you with valuable insights.

Who I Am:

I am someone passionate about words. After four years of diverse university experiences, I hope to settle into a career in writing. My joy in life isn’t found in loud parties or bustling bars. It’s genuinely amusing that, at the age of 24, I find pleasure in quiet mornings with an iced coffee, typing away to share what I know with others or caring for my stone lotus pots.

Educational Background:

While my passion lies in words, my academic focus has been in the realm of numbers. I pursued a degree in Business Administration for four years. Nevertheless, these years have provided me with fascinating insights into seemingly dry numerical concepts, turning them into valuable experiences I’ve gathered day by day.

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