Justin Lebron

Justin Lebron

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Hello! I’m Justin Lebron. I specialize in research on renewable energy, I have a lot of knowledge about solar energy. I am very happy to participate in the BLLS-Lighting project of Edgar M Downs, where I have the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience about solar lights, and at the same time satisfy my passion for blogging to Share useful knowledge with the community.


In my perspective, having a talent alone is not enough to conquer the path of Content creation; what matters is your genuine readiness and willingness to commit in the long term.

When writing, I invest my whole passion into each word, incorporating emotions and personality to create a distinctive writing style that reflects my individuality.

I embrace failure and criticism, striving to improve every day. With a passion for exploring beauty products, home goods, etc., I enjoy researching and reviewing these products, considering them as vibrant colors for a rich and interesting life.

These are the key highlights of my personality and desires.


I have worked as a contributor for several websites before officially entering the field of Content creation.

I find satisfaction in the focused concentration on each word, tapping into the emotions stirred within to complete an article, separate from external concerns, immersing myself in the world of content creation.

About Me:

Truman Capote’s quote, “For me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music that words make,” deeply resonates with me. Writing is a special form of art that brings excitement, inspiration, and pride when reading the products I create. Words serve as a medium for expressing emotions, effortlessly conveying messages and preserving them for the long term.

As an introverted person, words are likened to a companion, a confidant that understands me the most. Therefore, I feel a sense of comfort, intimacy, and joy in engaging in content creation. It allows me to be myself, and I am delighted with the acceptance from all of you.

Educational Background:

I am a Business Administration student at The University of New South Wales (UNSW). Despite being a student in a different field, I believe in my ability to convey valuable and fresh information to readers. I hope everyone will always appreciate my articles!

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