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Dawn Russell

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Hello everyone! I’m Dawn Russell. I may not be pretty or tall, but I have a way with words. I always follow the style of “writing correctly before writing well,” so what I share may not be “fancy,” but it’s definitely the truth.

Key Highlights:

I am deeply committed to the written word. I enjoy sharing, exploring, and ensuring that people appreciate what I convey. While the saying goes, “clothes don’t make the monk,” words undoubtedly reflect my true self. I’m meticulous, demanding perfection, yet aware of occasional shortcomings. So, please provide feedback to help me strive, improve, and develop further!


I started writing in 2016, with naive sentences fueled by youthful passion. Now, after various paths, crossroads, my words may not be as innocent, but they’re still energized as ever. I’ve worked in dental communication, social content, and content marketing. Currently, I am a content writer delivering valuable content to BLLS-Lighting’s readers.

About Me:

By now, you probably understand quite a bit about me. I stay true to the principle of “write what you know and know what you write.” If I don’t understand, how can readers be sure to grasp it? Therefore, I thoroughly research everything before putting my hands on the keyboard, an opportunity to explore endless knowledge in this world. I believe that practice makes perfect, and diligence leads to mastery, especially in the content field where writing more hones your skills.

Educational Background:

I graduated with a major in journalism and communication from a university in Russia. With the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated, I’m sure to bring you some fascinating insights! Let’s explore together!

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