Edgar M Downs

Edgar M Downs

CEO & Founder at BLLS-Lighting Content moderation, Content manager
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Hello, I’m Edgar M Downs. I’ve been passionately involved in the Art of Beautiful Handwriting for over 7 years, guiding more than 1000 students to improve their handwriting. If you’re new to this art or preparing to teach beautiful handwriting to your children, you might find it challenging, right? However, I can reveal to you that the Art of Beautiful Handwriting is a simple skill that anyone can master in a short time if they understand the Path – Method – and have a mentor.

My Story:

In primary school, I eagerly hoped to be chosen by the teacher for a clean handwriting competition, but after 5 years in my beloved school, my handwriting was never selected because it was too messy.

During my college years, I wanted to impress a girl from my Japanese language class by writing in hand. I bought numerous training books, but the end result was that my handwriting did not improve, and I couldn’t connect with the girl through my handwriting.

In 2013, even though I was not married, I dreamt that my future child would write beautifully. So, with determination, I joined a Beautiful Handwriting center to conquer this skill. Life didn’t go as planned, and after two challenging months, I found myself uncomfortable sitting among small children in the class. Despite this, I felt that learning beautiful handwriting was too difficult, and I didn’t find joy in the center. So, I quit and enrolled in another center for a second attempt. This time, having a foundation from the first try, I progressed faster and saw quicker results, but I still hadn’t grasped the essence of Beautiful Handwriting being easy. I questioned myself:

Isn’t improving handwriting as challenging for everyone else as it is for me?

Doesn’t everyone struggle to find time for beautiful handwriting like I do?

That’s when I became enamored with this Art. I spent a lot of time researching and learning, aiming to find a method that anyone could apply to achieve quick and beautiful handwriting results.

Fortune favored me, and I discovered the first method: Beautiful Handwriting with Flashcards. Recently, I found the Divide to Rule method in Beautiful Handwriting. With these two methods, anyone, regardless of age, can learn beautiful handwriting quickly.

Since then, I have been devoted to this Art, gained more students, became more beloved by kids, I hope you feel more motivated to either practice beautiful handwriting yourself or guide your children in it. Regardless of who you are, anyone can learn beautiful handwriting.

Many people often ask me: Where does Beautiful Handwriting start?

I knows that many people misunderstand that Beautiful Handwriting requires expensive tools like pens and ink. However, no – learning beautiful handwriting starts with you. Three crucial factors determine whether you’ll succeed in learning beautiful handwriting:

  • Time: Do you have at least 15 minutes a day for practice once you decide to join this Art? If you don’t have time, do you want expensive tools that won’t help you achieve results, whereas with just a little time consistently, you’ll achieve excellent results?
  • Focus: Many people try to learn beautiful handwriting and another skill simultaneously, such as learning the piano, without focusing on one skill at a time. Our minds cannot multitask so many things at once.
  • Persistence: In Beautiful Handwriting, there’s a saying “persistent training.” Without persistence, there won’t be results. Sometimes, we set a goal of writing beautifully within three months, invest time and focus, but after three months, if our handwriting hasn’t improved as desired, what then? If we give up, all our efforts will be wasted. So, we must be persistent and give ourselves a little more time, perhaps one or two more months, and excellent results will come.

Learning beautiful handwriting is a journey, and the length of this journey depends on the effort of each individual. It is a journey, so we cannot rush to achieve results in a day or a week; we must go through the training.

A bit about myself:

Based on my own experiences, I believe that understanding oneself is the key to overcoming challenges, having the courage to step out of one’s comfort zone, and discovering new aspects of life. These remarkable experiences contribute to developing skills, gaining valuable insights, and moving towards a successful and fulfilling life.

Especially in a constantly evolving environment, I firmly believe that the courage to experiment and creativity are essential qualities for a Content Marketing professional.

Educational background:

I completed a 4-year program at The University of Sydney, majoring in electronic engineering. After graduation, I accumulated over 10 years of experience in marketing, designing lighting systems, and repairing lighting devices. Additionally, I pursued additional courses in marketing. I am confident that the knowledge and experience I have acquired will undoubtedly bring interesting insights to readers at BLLS-Lighting.

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