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Austin Delatorre

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Hello! I am Austin Delatorre – A swimming pool lighting expert, I have 5 years of experience installing swimming pool lighting systems. I have also written many articles sharing knowledge about pool lights and have been interested and appreciated.


As a passionate swimmer, I have invested time in extensively researching swimming pools, knowledge about swimming, and the ecosystem related to pools, including the lighting systems used in swimming pools.


In my youth, I wandered in search of a destination. Thus, I delved into various work environments, holding diverse positions such as Business Analyst, UX Design, Community Manager in the gaming industry, and even establishing my own website for business. Currently, I have found my place in Content Marketing.

A bit about myself:

I’m a small bird navigating a vast sky, endeavoring to fly towards the dawn where, on the journey to discover passion and unleash my capabilities, I may encounter difficulties and shed a tear for the inevitable hardships. Yet, a refreshing shower and enjoying a cup of coffee at a small wooden café by the lake offer a new perspective and a method to cope.

Then, I plunge back into my passions and work. Life, to me, is a symphony with high and low notes, paintings with dark hues and vibrant colors like the sunrise, and words dancing on the laptop.

Educational background:

I graduated from The University of Queensland (UQ) with a major in Information Management. At university, I acquired knowledge in Library operations, Computer Networks, Web Design, and Database fundamentals. Nevertheless, I believe that the learning journey is a quest for passion.

Knowledge is limitless, and despite knowing nothing is perfect, making an effort to learn every day is better than standing still. What I share here is what I’ve learned and filtered to provide some value amid the vast sea of knowledge. For me, there’s no stopping point; knowledge is the same.

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