6 Great Ideas to Pool Cage Lighting

Lighting up your pool enclosure not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space but also ensures functionality and safety after sunset. Pool enclosure lighting transforms your swimming area into a vibrant oasis, perfect for both quiet evening swims and lively nighttime gatherings.

With a range of options like LED lights, solar-powered solutions, and color-changing technologies, you can create a customized ambiance that complements your backyard’s style while ensuring that every step around your pool is safely lit.

Moreover, energy-efficient options like LED pool cage lights provide significant savings on electricity bills, making them an essential consideration for environmentally conscious homeowners. Whether you’re looking to throw a festive party or enjoy a serene night by the water, the right lighting setup can significantly elevate your poolside experience.

What is Pool Cage Lighting?

At its core, pool cage lighting involves the use of various light fixtures to illuminate the interior and exterior of a pool enclosure. The choice of lighting can dramatically affect how the pool and its surrounding area are enjoyed. Key options include:

  • LED pool cage lights: These are popular for their long lifespan and energy efficiency. They can be dimmable and often come in waterproof designs suitable for outdoor conditions.
  • Solar pool cage lights: Ideal for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint and operational costs. These lights charge during the day and illuminate the area at night without the need for electrical wiring.
  • String lights: Often used for their decorative appeal, they can create a magical, festive, or intimate atmosphere, depending on their arrangement and the light color selected.
  • Color changing pool cage lights: These allow users to adjust the ambiance of the pool area to suit any occasion, controlled via a remote control system.

From an installation perspective, setting up pool cage lighting can range from straightforward tasks like hanging string lights to more complex installations that might require a professional electrician, especially when dealing with high-power LED lights and ensuring all components are waterproof and designed for outdoor use. It’s also essential to consider the installation ease, the wiring required, and additional elements like dimmer switches and timers to maximize energy efficiency and convenience.

What is Pool Cage Lighting?

6 Great Ideas to Pool Cage Lighting

1. Choose the most suitable light for your swimming pool

Selecting the perfect lighting for your pool cage is not just about brightening the area; it’s about transforming your pool enclosure into a safe, stylish, and sustainable outdoor living space. Whether you desire a cozy atmosphere for evening relaxation or a bright, festive ambiance for parties, understanding the different types of lights available can help you make an informed decision.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right lights for your pool cage, incorporating elements such as solar-powered lights, LED lighting, and halogen bulbs.

Step 1: Assess Your Needs

Begin by considering the primary use of your pool area. Do you host frequent nighttime gatherings, or is it mainly for family use after dark? Your usage will determine the type of lighting that will best suit your needs. For instance, color changing pool cage lights might be perfect for parties, while LED pool cage lights provide consistent and efficient illumination for everyday use.

Step 2: Choose the Type of Lighting

  • LED Lights: Known for their energy efficiency and longevity, LED lights are ideal for pool cages. They provide bright, clear light and are available in various colors and intensities. Opt for dimmable LED lights if you wish to adjust the ambiance according to different occasions.
  • Solar-Powered Lights: If energy conservation and minimal maintenance are your priorities, then solar-powered pool cage lights are a smart choice. These lights absorb sunlight during the day and light up automatically at dusk, offering a cost-effective lighting solution.
  • Halogen Bulbs: For those who prefer a warm, inviting glow, halogen bulbs are an excellent option. Their warm light is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere, making them suitable for pool cages used primarily for relaxation.

Propose: 3000k Sunset Sconce™ – Pool Cage Lanai Light

  • Model: 3000K Sunset Sconce™ Pool Cage Lanai Light
  • Light Type: 3000K (Neutral) White Light ONLY
  • Application: Specifically for bronze screen enclosures
  • Power Requirement: 12V AC power supply (not included)
  • Wattage: 6 watts
  • Safety Certification: UL Listed

Step 3: Consider Weather Resistance

Ensure that the lighting you choose is designed for outdoor use. Look for lights with a high waterproof rating (e.g., IP65 or IP44), which means they can withstand various weather conditions including rain, humidity, and exposure to pool chemicals. This is crucial for the durability and safety of your lighting installation.

Step 4: Installation Considerations

Evaluate the ease of installation. Solar pool cage lights and certain LED fixtures might be easy enough to install on your own, making them great options for do-it-yourself pool cage lighting projects. However, for more complex systems or electrical wiring, it may be safer and more efficient to hire a professional.

Step 5: Aesthetic and Functional Integration

Integrate your lighting with other elements of your pool cage and backyard design. Use accent lighting to highlight architectural features or landscape elements. String lights can add a decorative touch to pergolas or along the pool deck, enhancing both the functionality and the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Step 6: Consult with Professionals

Before making a final decision, it might be beneficial to consult with a lighting expert or a landscaper. They can offer personalized advice based on the specifics of your pool enclosure and outdoor living space, ensuring that you choose the best possible lighting solution.

Choose the most suitable light for your swimming pool

2. Create a relaxing atmosphere with mood lighting

Transform your pool cage into a sanctuary of serenity with the strategic use of mood lighting. When dusk sets in and you’re winding down from the daytime hustle, the gentle glow from your outdoor space can offer the perfect reprieve. Creating this relaxing atmosphere isn’t just about aesthetic—it’s about crafting an environment that beckons you to decompress and relish in the tranquility of your backyard.

Guide to Crafting a Relaxing Atmosphere with Mood Lighting:

  • Choose Calming Colors: Start with soft colors like soothing blues, serene purples, and restful greens to set the mood. These hues are known for their calming effect and can help create a stress-free zone.
  • Embrace Variety with String and Paper Lights: Go beyond basic lighting and add character with bistro lights or paper lanterns. They aren’t just for parties; they offer a whimsical touch and a warm, inviting glow.

3. Mastering Accent Lighting for Your Pool Cage

Your pool cage isn’t just a functional space; it’s the heart of your outdoor living area—a serene escape from the daily grind. To truly highlight the architectural grandeur of your pool cage and transform your backyard into a luminous haven, accent lighting plays a pivotal role.

By carefully placing lights, you can not only illuminate but also celebrate the unique features of your pool enclosure, turning your outdoor space into an enchanted setting.

Remember, accent lighting for your pool cage is more than a mere addition; it’s a transformative element that can elevate the beauty and value of your property. With careful planning and creative execution, you can achieve a breathtaking night-time ambiance that enhances not just your pool cage, but your entire outdoor living space.

Mastering Accent Lighting for Your Pool Cage

4. Illuminate for a Safer Swim: Deck Lighting Fundamentals for Your Pool Area

As a homeowner, ensuring the safety and convenience of your pool deck is crucial. One effective way to achieve this is by installing lights around the perimeter of the pool or in areas prone to shadows. This simple addition can go a long way in eliminating tripping hazards and preventing accidents due to low visibility.

At Blls-Lighting, we understand the importance of customizing LED lighting to suit your specific needs. Our team can design and install ambient lighting that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for relaxing or entertaining. With our expertise, you’ll never have to compromise on safety or comfort.

5. Elevating Safety with Elegant Floor Deck Lights

When it comes to creating a safe and inviting pool area, one crucial aspect that cannot be overlooked is lighting. Floor deck lights provide a practical and stylish solution, illuminating the area without being too harsh on the eyes. These lights add an extra layer of safety to your pool area by reducing the risk of slips and falls, while also enhancing the ambiance and beauty of the space.

Why Floor Deck Lights are a Safe Choice

  • Reduced risk of slips and falls: Floor deck lights provide a clear path for users, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Ambiance and beauty: These lights enhance the ambiance and beauty of your pool area, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Designed for wet environments: Floor deck lights designed for wet environments can withstand exposure to water, chlorine, and other pool chemicals, ensuring they remain functional and safe.

Benefits of Floor Deck Lights for Your Pool Area

  • Safety: Floor deck lights reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, creating a safer pool area for your family and guests.
  • Ambiance: These lights enhance the ambiance and beauty of your pool area, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Practicality: Floor deck lights are a practical solution for illuminating your pool area, providing a clear path for users.

Creating a Safe and Inviting Pool Area with Floor Deck Lights

By incorporating floor deck lights into your pool area design, you can create a safe and inviting space that’s perfect for relaxation and entertainment. With a professional touch, your pool area can become a safe and inviting oasis for your family and guests to enjoy.

Elevating Safety with Elegant Floor Deck Lights

6. Transform with Programmable LED Lighting

Are you looking to elevate your outdoor space with a unique and customizable lighting solution? Programmable LED lighting is the perfect choice for any homeowner seeking to enhance their pool area. These innovative lights can be programmed to change colors, increase or decrease brightness, and are easy to maintain.

Customize Your Pool Area Ambiance

With programmable LED lighting, you can change the ambiance of your pool area to match any occasion. Whether it’s a pool party for friends and family or a romantic dinner date on the deck, you can customize your animated LEDs to match the vibe. You can also change the lighting colors periodically to give your pool area a fresh new look.

Benefits of Programmable LED Lighting

  • Customizable: Change the color, brightness, and pattern of your lights to match any occasion or mood.
  • Easy maintenance: Programmable LED lights are designed for easy maintenance and are built to last.
  • Energy efficient: LED lights are more energy-efficient than traditional lighting options, reducing your energy consumption and costs.

Transform Your Pool Area with Programmable LED Lighting

By investing in programmable LED lighting, you can transform your pool area into a unique and inviting space that’s perfect for relaxation and entertainment. With a professional touch, your pool area can become a stunning oasis that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Transform with Programmable LED Lighting

Additional Considerations for Pool Cage Lighting

Cost of pool cage lighting

When considering an upgrade to your outdoor space, the allure of a beautifully lit pool cage is undeniable. However, the cost of bringing this vision to life can raise practical questions for any homeowner.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the financial aspects you should consider when investing in pool cage lighting, ensuring you’re well-informed about the expenses and the warranty coverage that comes with it. Step-by-Step Guide to Estimating Pool Cage Lighting Costs:

1. Determine Your Lighting Needs: Assess the size and structure of your pool cage to decide the number and types of lights you need.

2. Choose Lighting Type: 

  • LED lights are costlier upfront but save money in the long run due to their energy efficiency and durability. Expect to spend $50-$100 per light fixture.
  • Solar lights and incandescent bulbs may have lower initial costs but may lead to higher utility bills and frequent replacements.

3. Factor in Installation:

  • Prices for professional installation can range widely based on the complexity of the project, location, and if additional electrical work is necessary.
  • The total cost for a complete pool cage lighting system can be anywhere from $500 to $1000 or more.

4. Consider Control Systems: Adding dimmer switches and remote control functions will add convenience but also increase the overall investment.

5. Understand Warranty Options: Quality pool cage lighting should come with a warranty. A 1-year warranty is standard, but some companies offer up to 5 years. This peace of mind may justify a higher price tag.

6. Calculate Lighting Lifespan: Long-term savings come from LED lights, which can last significantly longer than other types. Their lifespans warrant their higher upfront costs.

7. DIY vs. Professional: do-it-yourself pool cage lighting project can cut costs if you have the necessary skills. However, consider the time investment and the risk of improper installation.

8. Explore Additional Features: Options such as color-changing capabilities or smart pool cage lighting systems are attractive but will add to your budget.

Cost of pool cage lighting

Energy efficiency

In the pursuit of creating an enchanting outdoor oasis, homeowners are constantly seeking ways to blend aesthetic appeal with practicality. This balance is notably achieved through the innovation of LED lighting, a cornerstone in the realm of pool cage lighting that marries visual delight with energy efficiency.

LED lights standing at the forefront of lighting efficiency, offer an unparalleled advantage in energy conservation compared to traditional incandescent or halogen bulbs. By opting for LEDs within your pool cage, not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, but you also embrace substantial cost savings over time.

Why Opt for LED Lighting in Your Pool Cage?

  • Superior Energy Efficiency: LED lights consume up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting options, making them an indispensable choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner.
  • Longevity and Durability: With a lifespan that often exceeds 25,000 hours, LEDs significantly reduce the frequency of replacements, further enhancing their cost-effectiveness and sustainability.
  • Low Heat Emission: Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs emit minimal heat, making them safer around pool areas where comfort is paramount.
  • Versatile Design Options: From color-changing features to dimming capabilities, LEDs offer a variety of functions to customize the ambiance of your pool area to suit any occasion.

Investing in LED lights for your pool cage not only enhances the safety and beauty of your outdoor space but also aligns with a commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. As the world leans more towards eco-friendly solutions, LED lighting stands out as a beacon of innovation in the realm of pool enclosure illumination. With each LED bulb, homeowners take a step closer to a greener, more cost-effective way of lighting up their poolsides, ensuring every swim and gathering glows with efficiency and elegance.

Smart lighting options

In today’s interconnected world, smart technology has revolutionized how we interact with our environments, bringing unmatched convenience and efficiency right to our fingertips. Among these advancements, smart pool cage lighting has emerged as an innovative solution, transforming ordinary outdoor spaces into customizable sanctuaries of light. By integrating remote control capabilities and intelligent design, homeowners can now create the perfect ambiance for any occasion with ease.

The Advantages of Smart Pool Cage Lighting:

  • Flexibility: Change light settings to suit any event, from serene evenings to vibrant parties.
  • Energy Efficiency: LED technology ensures lower energy consumption, reducing utility bills.
  • Convenience: Adjust settings remotely, eliminating the need to manually toggle switches.
  • Enhanced Safety: Programmable timers can illuminate your pool area automatically, deterring intruders and preventing accidents.

Smart lighting options for pool cages offer an exemplary blend of aestheticsfunctionalitysafety, and energy efficiency. The control is literally in your hands, whether you’re setting the stage for a poolside gala or seeking a tranquil retreat under the stars.

With advancements in LED technology and remote control systems, achieving your desired poolside ambiance has never been easier or more enjoyable. As we continue to embrace these innovations, the future of outdoor entertainment and relaxation shines brighter than ever.


1. Can I use regular light bulbs in my pool cage?

It is not recommended to use regular light bulbs for your pool cage lighting. Opt for LED lights or outdoor-rated bulbs specifically designed to withstand the humidity and potential splashes, ensuring safety and durability.

2. How much light do I need for my pool cage?

The amount of light needed for your pool cage depends on its size and your desired ambiance. A general rule is to aim for a brightness of 20 lumens per square foot for a well-lit area, adjusting based on your personal preference and the purpose of the lighting (e.g., accent lighting vs. full illumination).

3. What are the best pool cage lighting ideas?

The best pool cage lighting ideas include:

  • LED strip lights for a modern look and energy efficiency.
  • Solar-powered lights for an eco-friendly option.
  • Dimmable and color-changing LED lights for customizable ambiance.
  • Accent lighting to highlight architectural features or landscaping.
  • Pathway lights for safety and guiding the way around the pool area.

In conclusion, enhancing your pool area with the right pool cage lighting can transform it from a simple backyard feature into a stunning highlight of your home, providing both beauty and functionality. Thoughtful lighting not only improves safety and visibility but also extends your enjoyment of the space well into the night. Whether you choose energy-efficient LEDs, smart lighting systems, or a combination of ambient and task lighting, you are investing in an outdoor living experience that elevates comfort and style.

For those ready to take the next step in customizing their poolside ambiance, or if you’re handy and considering a DIY approach, it’s important to know the ins and outs of handling such fixtures. Understanding the process is key, especially if you’re looking to refresh your setup. Dive into our comprehensive guide on how to replace pool light to ensure that your pool remains a radiant focal point for nights to come.